Virtual Earth: MSN's answer to Google Maps

The Virtual Earth team. This is MSN’s answer to Google Maps, coming in July 2005. As you see in the video MSN Virtual Earth goes noticeably further than Google Maps or other mapping services.
Here’s first look: WMV video of Virtual Earth Team. 133MB. Video length: 00:32:53.

Also, there have been a ton of news stories about Virtual Earth. Here’s some links: article on Virtual Earth.

And in 85 other articles on Google News

一场针锋相对的竞赛. 有点像冷战时期 苏联和美国的军备竞赛的味道..  不管怎么样,受益的还是大家!

同时也看到了一个   america rfid  的消息,据说美国人研究的这个东西 很容易窃听无线的东西..

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今天突然提及憨豆先生. 不知道他是否还在人世. 于是用google考证了一下.

憨豆先生 自杀 时间

憨豆先生 死亡时间 

都没有看到死亡的消息, 心中宽慰许多.  这是最近的一个和它相关的消息








我想如果他死了,google一定会查到这个消息的. 但想想也有点问题,如果大家口径一致的不说这件事呢?


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[好久没搞游戏了.来个游戏.]The_Roots_Gates_Of_Chaos 混沌之门

Category: Action RPG/Fantasy
Players: 1-4 with Bluetooth
Publisher: Cenega Publishing
Developer Tannhauser Gate
Release Date: Out now!
 The land of Lorath is under attack! Courageous warriors are needed to defeat the army of a fallen god invading the world. This demanding quest will require every bit of their heroic power and knowledge. Are you up to the challenge? Skillful and terrifying enemies are waiting…

The Roots: Gates of Chaos is a fantasy action role-playing game with extensive multiplayer features. Choose your character and become the hero of an epic quest. Explore the diverse 3D world to develope your abilities and defeat the challenging enemies. Your friends can join you in multiplayer mode to either help you reach your goal or beat you to it!

The story line of the game takes place a thousand years before the story told in the original The Roots game.
Fast paced gameplay and dynamic combat that combines a real time arcade approach with interesting characters and a bit of tactics
Cooperative and competitive multiplayer gaming for up to four players with Bluetooth wireless technology

A selection of interesting characters with unique abilities
Unlimited character development
Over 20 enormous areas and 30 underground locations to explore

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ebay 可以移动着买. blog也需要绿化灌溉

The days of expensive wireless machines are no longer with the Wireless ePay technology. Wireless ePay works with your existing Java-based (J2ME) phone and allows merchants to process credit cards wirelessly while keeping their retail / swiped rates.     
What is Wireless ePay
Wireless ePay is USA ePay’s solution to processing transactions wirelessly with a merchant’s existing Java-based phone over any provider’s wireless network.
In the past merchants who wanted to process cards outside in the field would either have to take the card and call it into their office, take an imprint of the card and process it when they get back to the office or buy an expensive wireless unit; Wireless ePay is the solution to these problems.

移动购物 or 手机银行. 不错不错啊!

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3G是块大蛋糕. [blog绿化工程]



3G规格是ITU(International Telecommunications Union)国际电气通信联盟所制定的IMT-2000规格的最终发展结果。原先制定的3G远景:是能够以此规格达到全球通信系统的标准化。但目前3G被分为下列三种主流。

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nokia 推出了symbian c++ 的开发套件.可以支持

Nokia Developer’s Suite for Symbian OS
Nokia Developer’s Suite for Symbian OS is a set of tools that enable efficient Symbian OS C++ application development using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Nokia SDKs for Symbian OS. Nokia Developer’s Suite targets developers that have Visual Studio skills. For these developers, Nokia Developer’s Suite offers an easy entry into Symbian OS C++ development by providing a full development environment for Series 60 Developer Platform SDKs and the Series 80 Developer Platform SDK inside Visual Studio.

Nokia Developer’s Suite provides a number of wizards and automated functions that provide Symbian OS support in Visual Studio .NET 2003 with the minimum of manual configuration. Nokia Developer’s Suite also contains functionality to automate some of the development functions that are specific to Symbian OS.

The latest version 1.1 supports also Series 60 2nd Edition SDK supporting Feature Pack 3.

Device Section
Check the device section ( ) for the platform version of a specific phone model.

Datasheet for more details
Download a datasheet of Nokia Developer’s Suite for Symbian OS for full details.


nokia 推出了symbian c++ 的开发套件.可以支持 2003 整合 symbian SDK , 用 写应用程序不再是问题了.IDE环境注定比 vc6 要强大得多了!2000年推出的 net 今天可以用到 symbian开发上了! northwind 同志是不是会很高兴啊!


Nokia Developer’s Suite for Symbian OS
Publisher: Nokia
Date added: 04-May-05 
Select download method:
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Download version for:
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Release Notes:
Release Notes for NDS for Symbian OS 1.1
Installation Guide(s):
Installation Guide for NDS for Symbian OS 1.1
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CBXSIS – a patch for creating valid Symbian SIS files

ID: 21688

Title: CBXSIS – a patch for creating valid Symbian SIS files
Terms: No Special Terms
Name: Anthony Hook email: Anonymous
URL: None
Summary: Prevents the "not compatible with your phone" error message that occurs when installing an application from a SIS file that was created automatically by C++BuilderX.
Description: CBXSIS patches a bug in C++BuilderX Mobile 1.0 and 1.5 where invalid SIS files are created. C++BuilderX saves you time and effort by automatically creating its own package file (and SIS file) whenever you do a build for the target device. However, the target device info is ommited which results in a "not compatible with your phone" error when a user attempts to install your app. CBXSIS addresses this simply by intercepting the makesis call made by C++BuilderX and injects the missing device info on-the-fly. If you’re building with the UIQ SDK then by default the application will be compatible with all UIQ devices (P800, P900, P910 etc). If you’re building with Series 60 SDK then by default your app will be compatible with all Series 60 devices. You can override this default functionality (see readme.txt).

History —————————————————-

Version 1.00 05/05/04 – initial release for C++BuilderX 1.0.

Version 1.01 17/11/04 – added support for C++BuilderX 1.5 and added P910 device option.

Prerequisites ———————————————-

1) C++BuilderX Mobile Edition v1.0 or v1.5.

2) UIQ 2.1 (WINS) SDK or Series 60 SDK.

Installation ———————————————–

1) Create a new folder called "CBXSIS" on your C: drive (i.e. C:CBXSIS).

2) Unzip and copy all files into this folder.

Project Configuration ————————————–

1) To apply CBXSIS to a project simply copy the makesis.bat file from the CBXSIS folder into your project folder (i.e. into the same folder as your .MMP file). C++BuilderX will now automatically create valid SIS files for this project when you do a build for ARMI/UREL or ARMIB/UREL.

note: To remove CBXSIS from a project simply remove the makesis.bat file from the project folder. Next time you do a build for target device CBXSIS will not be invoked.

Demonstration ———————————————-

1) Install CBXSIS and apply it to your project as described above.

2) Open your project in C++BuilderX and select the ARMI (or ARMIB) and UREL build options.

3) Select "Make Project" to compile and build your project.

4) A SIS file will be automatically created in your project folder.

5) Connect your phone to your PC.

6) Double click on the SIS file to install the application to your phone.

7) Observe that the "not compatible with your phone" error message no longer appears during installation.

Product: C++BuilderX (1-1) OpenTools
Contest: None
Uploaded: 05-May-04 12:22:55 AM last updated 15-Jan-05 1:56:19 PM
Tools CD: No
Copyright: No significant restrictions
Size: 5.5K List Files Download now (65 downloads)
Comments: 0

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