FREE Resources to help you finsih your game demo…

FREE Resources to help you finsih your game demo…

Hey guys! You didn’t think I’d set you all to task and not offer a helping hand did you?

Well here are a few great resources that can help you get started or add a few bits to your games to help you realize your concepts.

A lot of this stuff is either Royalty Free or Creative Commons or Public Domain even. Have a look for yourself, I’m splitting up these links into their areas of use.


Incompetech (big music catalog. search by genre or feel) (mainly royalty free for a flat cost, but they have a free section. worth a look still!) (intended for Flash projects, but has quite a large library of music loops)

Sound Effects (big big sound effect DB) (another resource, but not as big as SoundDogs) (for musicians, but they release sets of samples each week. the odd sample would make a good SFX & esp. good if you are making a musical game)

Graphics (a whole collection of free sprites–2D and 3D, tiles and other assets free for use)
WidgetWorx’s SpriteLib (a single ZIPped collection of sprite meant for use to get started, taken from older iOS and OS X game projects)
Lost Garden (Daniel Cook’s infamous Epic Megagames sprites and other newer offerings. He’s been pretty good to the game dev community and here is some of his work.)

There are a lot of ones that I like to dig through and have a search when making my prototypes, but you can of course find others out there. You can even just use Google it’s self to search for something specific, though sometimes I have found that to be a little time consuming if it’s a really rare or unusual thing your looking for.

Such as… Here is a blog post I found that has all kinds of links to other such resources:…me-developers/

Enjoy and don’t get too caught up in all the assets and forget about YOUR vision of your game entry! 

Found any other great resources, why not share?

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最近百度 360 算是干起来了, 分别送出总量大概1T的网络硬盘. 但仔细看看获取条件的差别,  分别要被插两次. 要求手机 or  手机号码 or  email  .

首先我做个邪恶的假设, 这两个巨头早就通过数据采集 采集了若干关于你的信息. 但是没有匹配, 这回你自己告诉人家了, 手机 邮件 QQ 的关联. 于是乎所以与你有关的行为数据都很容易被处理了.

包括行为分析 购买趋势预测等等.

我说的了是假设,如有雷同 请勿XX

再来说个国外的  目前是新增加支持内容加密的.  我这么理解, 即网盘的运营者是无法直接获取或者解析得到原始存储文件的.   说到这里, 想必大家应该能明白, 你把数据存上去,等于脱光了衣服给别人看.

有个黑手总能看到. 你觉得是安全的吗?

给大家支个招, 所有文件都加密码.  会略微好一些.   比较恶心的就是若干年后 自己把密码忘了…

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WP8 don't use programmable shaders.

Does Windows Phone 8 support programmable shaders?

No. To use programmable shaders, you will need to build and execute them in the x86 simulator and capture the binary output. Next, to build for the device, include the precompiled shaders and use them instead of compiling on the fly. See the tutorial that explains how to set up the project.mkb and app.icf files that cause the app to create and use these precompiled shaders.

Can I use OpenGL-ES on Windows Phone 8?

No, WP8 only has direct-x . but you can try to use angle project.

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Centos 编译安装Python2.6

因为需要在Centos 5.x上安装python2.6 还得保留自带的Python2.4

Linux 系统是自带python的. 但是一般的版本都比较低

如果需要使用高版本的python 则需要自己 编译并安装

编译python 前需要先安装 编译环境

使用  yum install gcc gcc-c++ autoconf automake 来安装编译环境


官网的python下载页面打不开了. 这个地址可以下载python的各个版本


tar xzf Python-2.6.6.tgz
cd Python-2.6.6

./configure –prefix=/usr/local/python2.6
make install

ln -sf /usr/local/python/bin/python2.6 /usr/bin/python2.6

完成后就可以在命令行中输入 python2.6 运行刚刚安装的python2.6.6 版本

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plop is a sampling profile of python.

How it works

Plop is a sampling profiler, similar to Google’s gperftools.  Every 10 milliseconds, a timer is fired which causes the program to record its current stack trace.  After 30 seconds, the collected samples are aggregated and saved.  There is a web-based viewer for the resulting call graphs (using d3.js)

Here’s a sample profile, from a simple Tornado-based web server. Click on the image for a full-size interactive view (it’s big, so you’ll need to either scroll around a lot or use your browser’s zoom controls).

Each bubble is a function; they’re color-coded by filename and you can mouse over them for more details. The size of the bubble represents the amount of time spent in that function.  The thickness of the lines connecting the bubbles represents how frequently that function call appears on the stack.  The disconnected bubbles around the edge are actually common utility functions that are called from many places throughout the code – they’re so common that drawing the connections to every function that calls them would make the graph unreadable.

Since hack week, we’ve integrated Plop into our servers and run it regularly.  Every time we push new code to the site, a script collects a profile for the new version.  This has proven not to be disruptive, with less than 2% CPU overhead while the profile is being collected. It’s still a work in progress (especially the viewer), but has already proven useful in identifying performance regressions.

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[fwd] some quick notes with relevant references of ios development

从我一直关注的一位朋友的blog上抓来. 素未谋面, 但是分享的态度还是依旧.  我的感触是,  ios开发  测试驱动 单元测试这些在国外的团队里被应用的很好. 与其担心时间不足,还真不如分配一些代码测试的时间. 这是个趋势. 换句话说是科学.

@tinyfool 不知道你家团队是否也是理念先进.

Original uRL:   What I learned from my first iOS job in Australia from chris. vinshine(@cocoachina?)

Objective-C / Cocoa:

  1. Use weak reference in block to avoid retain cycle (
  2. Use [UIImage resizableImageWithCapInsets] to create stretchable background image (
  3. If an abstract class has a tempate method for its subclasses to override, it’s a good practise to raise exception in the abstract implementation in case subclasses don’t override this method and parent implementation gets called
  4. in LLDB debugger, use “po [[UIApp keyWindow] recursiveDescription]” to output app view hierarchy
  5. Use NSNib to speed up tablview cell loading (
  6. You can use -[NSArray indexOfObject:inSortedRange:options:usingComparator:] to ask an NSArray for the index where an object should be inserted given an array range that’s currently sorted (
  7. using view.bounds for size, not view.frame, sometimes view.frame doesn’t reflect the current  device orientation (


  1. continus integration with Jenkins (
  2. Use POSTMAN (a Chrome plugin) to observer RESTful api response (
  3. AppCode, an alternative to Xcode (
  4. Use Charles to observe RESTful api response, set breakpoint, mock/modify HTTP response content(
  5. Use XScope to measure pointed size in simulator and Photoshop (
  6. Jira, an Agile project managment & issue tracking web tool (
  7. Use multiple targets in CocoaPods Podfile (
  8. Use your own podspec file to integrate private libraries (


  1. TDD with GHUnit (
  2. Test data mock and stub with OCMock (
  3. BDD with Kiwi (
  4. Automation Test with Jasmin (

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会Python的弟兄们,kivy来了 ios andriod 啥的都很Easy

Kivy 是一套 Python 下的跨平台快速应用开发框架,对于多点触控有着良好的支持。不用深入学习 Java 或 Object C 即可开发流行智能手机平台应用。亮点是语法用Python 稍微学习一下kivy的框架Api. 会C++用cocos2d. 会Python 也有了选择. 会Delphi可以选Delphi Xe4 . 跨平台真是百花齐放.

Kivy 依据允许商业使用 LGPLv3 协议发布,支持 Linux, Windows, MacOSX, Android 和 iOS 平台,原生支持各个平台的输入设备协议,包括多点触控;其图形核心围绕 OpenGL ES2 构建,可以充分利用目标平台的 GPU 加速。其 1.6.0 版本带来了如下特性:

  • 允许自定义顶点类型,初步实现 3D 支持。
  • 支持材质平整化,在 PowerVR 设备上支持 PVRTC 压缩算法。
  • 文本渲染引擎改善,微调核心文本标签空间。


适用于多个 Linux 发行版及 Win 和 OS X 的下载

Android 版本演示

iOS 下使用 Kivy 编写的游戏

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收到邮件.告知正式加入了支持细分年龄的Kids  5岁以下, 6-8岁 9-11岁.. 貌似11岁以后就不是Kids?哈哈.
  • Ages 5 & under
  • Ages 6–8
  • Ages 9–11
  • You can only choose one age range for each app. Apps approved for the Kids category will still have a primary and secondary category, but will also appear in a new, separate area of the App Store. To assign the Kids category to an already existing app, submit a new version of your app for review. Starting this fall, the currently existing Kids subcategory for game apps will no longer be displayed on the App Store.

旧的App需要传一个新版本才可以有机会修改. 为啥不支持直接修改呢? 流程决定的貌似.没有下线模式.

从最近接触到的几个事情, 审核规则还是得自己去读一下原文,然后好好理解, 切莫道听途说.

请大家随时保持关注. 只有熟悉规则才可以最大化收益.

几个提示:  kivy 是基于Python,也上线了,说明什么?  Lua是脚本,使用Lua的也可以上线. 更别说那些插屏广告的  积分墙的. 都能上线.

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Open Source or Developer Friendly . you are the world.

开源,还是开源, 最近接触和使用的都是开源的技术. 越发的体会到巨大的价值. 如果非要说的邪恶一点, 那就是在人生路口选择上船. 即便是免费船票, 也可以有豪华邮轮. 无非是后期还贷. 但当你已经具备还贷能力的话, 这一些就不算什么了.

这就是开源的一种驱动模式. 对开发者投资. Developer friendly.

有很多项目即使是闭源的, 但也保持了 Developer friendly.  比如 NewRelic 的免费T恤. 只有真正的开发者才可能参与的活动. 过滤掉了一群无关Greek 人肉党.

开源的第二个模式是, 培养用户的习惯. 结果是会造成用户学习其它技术的曲线会无形中变高 , 然后随着年龄增大, 越发的会沉浸在使用的快乐中. 占领开发者, 让开发者为自己的平台做产品,做应用.  反正缺的就是精品, 也不怕市场变成汪洋大海.

开源其实是天生Developer  friendly 的. 因为是程序员开发的, 多少都会对同类心存善念.   当你越过了开源这道坎, 你就真的成熟了, 因为你看到了产品和技术的差异, 以及之间的技术鸿沟.  归根到底, 开源可以星星之火来燎原, 毕竟一家独秀 也不见得用户买单. 思维枯竭, 不可跨越的瓶颈, 都会成为潜在的杀手, 扼杀着每个团队.  我想制作了一款成功游戏, 然后就一蹶不振的例子也不少了.  而啥没有一鼓作气呢?   我觉得就是遇到了不可跨越的瓶颈.

Marmalade 这个引擎, 推出了一个活动, 提交一款BlackBerry10应用并上线, 就可以免费使用1年. 这个case 是个很好的 Developer friendly 的, $499 其实是虚的不存在的.  Marmalade 没花一分钱, BlackBerry 也没有. 只有开发者花了很多时间成本.  然后获得了一年授权,和免费的BlackBerry帐号.   当然还有销售赚钱的美好前景. 收益最大的还是前两家.

所以现在看看 苹果提供的 3/7分成方式是不是有点邪恶呢.  他不光赚设备钱 还得赚开发者未来的钱.  每年还99$这种小钱都不放过. 也许这就是强势最好的诠释. 而且的确阻止了很多人前进的步伐. 剩下的都是弥笃的坚定者. 产品自然也更可能是棒的.  生态圈的口碑好,赚钱也就更容易. 花得值是用户是否花钱的一个理由.  所以, 苹果不是邪恶的, 在试图维系生态圈的良性发展. 用经济杠杆.   也许某一天 $99  可以赊账, 代价肯定是利息会更高. 那时候,你就会毫不犹豫的选择$99了.

我相信闭源项目也都有一颗开源的心. 可能是出于维护成本和保持项目的简洁等等.  所以我又想起我以前设想的深度开源的模式. 即有限范围内的开源. 比如针对已有产品的团队 等等. 交换和交流结合. 大家好,才是真的好.

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