SPECIAL OFFER! .COM just $1.49*! support transfer.

cjcrmn149s  is the coupons code.  i just used it.  2014 is over.  the is the best godaddy coupon code dec 2014.

“Plus ICANN fee of $0.18 per domain name per year. $1.49 price good for the first year of one new or transfer .COM per customer. Additional years or .COMs may be purchased for $9.99 per year. Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Not all payment methods valid with this offer, acceptable payments will display in cart at checkout. Your discount will be applied in your shopping cart. After the initial purchase term, discounted products will renew at the then-current renewal rate. Go Daddy reserves the right to deny use of this offer and/or cancel domains purchased using this offer if the offer is abused or used fraudulently, as determined by Go Daddy in its sole discretion. ”

special tips,

you should change the money to USD$. instead of CNY.

you should use  a valid us billing address.

if so, you can transfer your .com to godaddy . if you just want to renewal your domain.  take it way to save a little money.!

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Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 11.14.28 PM

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It is time to use Flatbuffers in some case.

Sure, with time past, more and more new stuff coming.

maybe you haven’t  try google protobuffer, Flatbuffers coming.  it is named better than protobuffer. no need serialize and un serialize,  the reason maybe is :  it is binary .

  • msgpack: has very minimal forwards/backwards compatability support when used with the typed C++ interface. Also lacks VS2010 support.
  • Thrift: very similar to Protocol Buffers, but appears to be less efficient, and have more dependencies.
  • YAML: a superset of JSON and otherwise very similar. Used by e.g. Unity.
  • C# comes with built-in serialization functionality, as used by Unity also. Being tied to the language, and having no automatic versioning support limits its applicability.
  • Project Anarchy (the free mobile engine by Havok) comes with a serialization system, that however does no automatic versioning (have to code around new fields manually), is very much tied to the rest of the engine, and works without a schema to generate code (tied to your C++ class definition).

check more info here : http://google.github.io/flatbuffers/md__benchmarks.html


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Giveaway invite code of inbox from google.

Hello, guys.

Google’s awesome new email experiment, Inbox by Gmail, started out as an exclusive invite-only affair. But a few days after it was released to the few, it was released to many more, with a lot of invite requests being sent out to those that were quickest to request them. Then, a few days after that, three golden tickets appeared for the early birds to gift to their friends. Update: While the golden tickets evaporated within minutes of appearing, now they have been replenished, making those with Inbox by Gmail invitations to share suddenly popular again.

so if  you want  one , but you can’t got  the invite of  inbox ,  you can try this way.

download my  game from  AppleStore, play it for a while, review it is much better, after that comment here. leave your email.

by the end of   Dec 31 2014,  i will announce the luck guy .

Apple Store


now i have 3-5 inbox invitation.   :) good luck!


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Giveaway free vpn account. How to active inbox of google with iPad only.

Here, i will show you how to active  inbox of google  with your iPad only.  since  one of my friend need this special help .

I show him how to do  this,  first need  a VPN account.  setup it on your iPad.

Download  inbox from Appstore  .

Turn on vpn connection. and login your gmail account into inbox.

You can login once time, after that, you can open  inbox.google.com  with you account.  it is new mail style life.  enjoy it!

if you need  free vpn account. try enter  Super Bombe Crush  Christmas Event.

download it,  play for some level , rate  it .  after that,  comment here  . i will send a vpn account to you.  total 10 account will be sent.

with it you can active  invite.


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How to create game ui which can adapt screen resolution automatic using CocosStudio and Cocos2dx . part1/2


How to create ui  which  can  adapt  screen resolution automatic using CocosStudio and Cocos2dx .  by cnsoft   Dec 23  2014.

用 Cocos2dx 做游戏UI多分辨率的制做流程要点讲述. 祝大家圣诞快乐!  新浪微博:  @糊涂cnsoft



CocoStudio 是 ChuKong 开发配合 Cocos2dx引擎而开发的辅助制作工具.    1.5 版本是我开发 Super Bomber Crush 制做时选用的UI制作工具.   目前已经是 2.0 了.  尽管版本已经更新,但1.5是个working的版本。有时间再更新到2.0吧.

下载地址:  http://cdn.cocos2d-x.org/CocosStudio_v1.5.0.1.exe

引擎层面  cocos2dx 是2.x   3.0 都可以用。重点使用了 Cocostudio 扩展。


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Give away for Christmas! Free VPN Account . Get free gift from Super Bombe Crush!

Super Bombe Crush Lite is a light action game. Use joystick to control your hero , place bombe , kill monster ,destroy game object. collect stars.find the teleport door. Loot gold coin. gain high score ,challenge yourself.

  1. 20+ funny levels.
  2. Fantasy 3d particle system.
  3. Real 3D game world.
  4. Various game item.

iPad Version is ready for sale.  Universal version will be released soon!  Beta players invitation is going.  send mail to : super.bomber.crush@gmail.com.

As beta player, you can free gold,  play game new feature earlier.  e.g: online feature . !

//Check The GamePlay Video ?




The Rule:

1. Download SuperBombeCrush from iTunes.  playing for a while.    +5%  chance    Apple Store

2. Write your experience. feeling. advice.  if you can write review directly, you will get 20% chance.

3. Comment here. and  mail to   super.bomber.crush@gmail.com .

4. On Christmas Holiday,  we will send rewards . show result here.   of course, we will random choice from the user list.  so , hurry do it!

The V P N account will be sent to you, and you can use it  watch You Tube . Facebook, Twitter.  you know it.!!!

2014-12-08. Game Start!!!

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