Error building Player: UnityException: Platform assembly not found.

Error building Player: UnityException: Platform assembly not found.

The registry keys Unity is looking for are:

Windows Phone 8.1: H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Microsoft SDKs\WindowsPhoneApp\v8.1\InstallationFolder (points to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Phone Kits\8.1\ on my machine). After getting that path, Unity looks for “References\CommonConfiguration\Neutral\Windows.winmd” in that folder.

Windows 10: H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v10.0\InstallationFolder (points to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\ on my machine). After getting that path, Unity looks for “UnionMetadata\Facade\Windows.winmd”.

from here:

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[REP]Voxel Resources & Engines for Unity

Making a list of Unity3D related voxel / marching cubes tutorials, engines, demos etc. (image on left is fromwikipedia)
(Feel free to comment if some useful links are missing)

*First: Go vote on Unity Feedback to get Voxel Terrains

  1. Infi-Chunk | Webplayer
  2. Stacker | Webplayer
  3. MinePackage (latest package, has some errors..I commented the lines and it seems to work) | Webplayer
  4. CubeField | Webplayer
  5. Cubed (source has errors..)|
  6. MetaBalls (unifywiki) | Webplayer
  7. ChunkRenderer (unitycoder, based on block story tutorial) | Webplayer
  8. Voxel Terrain |
  9. Marching Squares 2D (unifywiki) |
  10. Free Terrain 3 | Webplayer (some files not working in webplayer, so its empty scene..but you can build around the white cube)
  11. Terrain Generator |
  12. Cubic World | Webplayer | *Probably one of the best free ones! (Note there are new versions: Link#2)
  13. Minecraft Starter Kit (download link in description) | Webplayer
  14. More links coming later..

  1. uTerrains | Webplayer | Website | AssetStore | Infinite, adaptive Dual Contouring..
  2. TerraVol | Webplayer | Video | Docs | API | AssetStore | comes with sources)
  3. Infinite Terrain
  4. Cube World Generator | Webplayer (Has basic inventory system included)
  5. UnityCoder Voxel Terrain Test
  6. (see comments section for more..)

  1. Simi-Online | Webplayer
  2. BlockStory | Webplayer

  1. ManicDigger (c#)
  2. PolyVox (c++)
  3. Terasology (java)
  4. LibMineCraft (c#)
  5. OpenCraft (java)
  6. MineDroid (java)
  7. MineTest (c++)
  8. TechCraft (c#)
  9. ArdorCraft (java)
  10. WebGL Caves Demo (javascript)
  11. ..

  1. Let’s Make a Voxel Engine ()
  2. Block Engine Tutorial (Unity) : BlockStory
  3. Voxel Engine Development Tutorial (Unity)
  4. Minecraft type world gen (GameDev)
  5. Accidental Noise Library – 3D Cube world generation
  6. Voxel Travelsal (xnawiki)
  7. more later..

  1. Qubicle Voxel Editor (with Unity support, Its in asset store also $$$)
  2. NinjaCamp Unity Voxel Terrain (Why cant they release any of these ninja camp stuff >< )
  3. Acropora Voxel Editor ($$$)
  4. LibNoise ported to Unity | Perlin Terrain with LibNoise 
  5. Procedural Examples for Unity (You need this to get Perlin.cs (3D perlin noise))
  6. Excellent Minecraft related stuff & maths! (if only would understand some part of it..scroll down for the voxel articles)

  1. Procedural Worlds Voxel Terrain (youtube) | Website
  2. C4 Engine Voxel Terrain (youtube) | Website | TransVoxel Algorithm
  3. VoxelForm for Unity (youtube) | *Website down – asset not found in store?
  4. Minecraft Engine Unity (vimeo)
  5. Atomontage Engine
  6. MetaBalls Demo (Unity webplayer)
  7. Nvidia GPU Gems : Terrain
  8. Minecraft like rendering with OpenGL (
  9. ..

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How to create game ui which can adapt screen resolution automatic using CocosStudio and Cocos2dx . part1/2


How to create ui  which  can  adapt  screen resolution automatic using CocosStudio and Cocos2dx .  by cnsoft   Dec 23  2014.

用 Cocos2dx 做游戏UI多分辨率的制做流程要点讲述. 祝大家圣诞快乐!  新浪微博:  @糊涂cnsoft



CocoStudio 是 ChuKong 开发配合 Cocos2dx引擎而开发的辅助制作工具.    1.5 版本是我开发 Super Bomber Crush 制做时选用的UI制作工具.   目前已经是 2.0 了.  尽管版本已经更新,但1.5是个working的版本。有时间再更新到2.0吧.


引擎层面  cocos2dx 是2.x   3.0 都可以用。重点使用了 Cocostudio 扩展。


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